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Southern Highlands Zone

Research Institutes/Centres

ARI - Uyole

Zonal Headquarters
In 1970, following an agreement between the Tanzanian Government and the Governments of the five Nordic countries -- Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, an agricultural research and training institute was established at Mbeya. Crop research began in 1972 and livestock research in 1975.

On 1st July 1976 the institute began its operation as a Public Corporation named the "Uyole Agricultural Centre". In July 1993, the Uyole Agricultural Centre ceased tooperate as a parastatal, and was put back to the Ministry of Agriculture under the DRD, and was renamed the Ministry of Agriculture Research and Training Institute (MARTI) and currently ARI-Uyole. It comprises a research institute, and a highly mechanised farm. The agricultural research of the centre is carried out in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania, i.e. in Mbeya, Iringa, Ruvuma and Rukwa regions. The research has a multidisciplinary approach and is directed towards food crops, livestock, agricultural engineering, food technology and agricultural economics. The only cash crop on which a large-scale programme is carried out is pyrethrum, due to its special importance in the Southern Highlands. There is also an extension unit at the Institute. The Institute is also the headquarters for the Southern Highlands Zone for Agricultural Research.

Region: Mbeya
Disterict: Mbeya
Postal address: P.O. Box 400, Mbeya
Telephone: (255-025) 2287 and (255-025) 2116/7
Telegraphic address: AGRICENTRE, Mbeya
Latitude: 08º55'S
Longitude: 33º32'E
Altitude: 1750 -1850 m
Nearest Railway Station: Mbeya (11 km)
Nearest Bus Stop: Uyole village (2 km)
Nearest Airport: Mbeya (9 km)
The Institute is located on the Mbeya/Iringa main road about 9 km east of Mbeya town centre.

Kifyulilo Research Sub-Station

The Tea Research Institute of East Africa (TRIEA) which was headquartered at Kericho, Kenya broke in 1978. Tanzania then Remained with Marikitanda as the controlling centre. The Ministry of Agriculture and the Tanzania Tea Industry (TTI) noted that Marikitanda was unsuitably located to serve the vast tea areas of Tanzania. Ministry of Agriculture new site for a National Tea Research Station and Kifyulilo was chosen.

Kifyulilo farm was acquired by the Government of Tanzania from two German nationals, Mr. and Mrs. W. Voigt in July 1986 with an aim of developing it into a fully-fledged Tea Research Institute. Currently, the Centre is no longer charged with tea research, following the recent decision to shift that responsibility to the newly established Tea Research Institute of Tanzania (TRIT).

Region: Iringa
District: Mufindi
Postal address: P.O. Box 93 Mufindi
Latitude: 08º42'S
Longitude: 35º20'E
Altitude: 1800-2000 m
Nearest Railway Station: TAZARA Makambako Station (100km)
Nearest Bus Stop: Nyololo (30km)
Nearest Airport: Iringa
It is situated approximately 140 km south of Iringa town along Mbeya - Iringa highway but only about 30km off the highway to the eastern side and it is about 27 km southwest of Lugoda Tea Factory, the head office of Brooke Bond (T) Ltd. To the east and south it borders Marenda Tea Farm and to the North - Udumuka village. It is about 6km from Udzungwa Escarpment above the Sourthern Paper Mill of Mgololo.

Mbimba Experimental Station

Mbimba was originally a coffee experimental station when research activities were started there in 1946 by the Department of Agriculture. It was in all respects a substation to Lyamungu Research Station until 1952, when administrative matters were taken over by Ilonga Institute, although technical supervision was still carried out by Lyamungu. From 1st July 1973 the station has been administered by ARTI Mbeya, now ARI-Uyole.

Region: Mbeya
District Mbozi
Postal address: P.O. Box 11, Mbozi
Telephone: Mbozi 28
Latitude: 09º04S
Longitude: 32º58'E
Altitude: 1525 m
The station is situated 80 km from Mbeya on the main road to Zambia.

Mitalula Experimental Station

The station was established by the Ministry of Agriculture in 1959 for coffee research. It was supervised for technical matters by ARI Lyamungu, although it depended upon Ilonga for administrative matters until July 1973, when ARI-Uyole took over the administration.

Region: Mbeya
District: Rungwe
Postal address P.O. Box 78, Tukuyu
Latitude: 09º22'S
Longitude: 33º45'E
Altitude: 1052 m
The station is located 80 km from Mbeya, 19 Km from Tukuyu, 8 Km off the Tukuyu/Kyela main road, near Makete Hospital



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