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Lake Zone

Research Institutes/Centres

Ukiriguru Agricultural Research Institute

Zonal Headquarters
Ukiriguru Agricultural Research Institute is the oldest research station and the main cotton research centre in Tanzania. As a Native authority seed farm, it was opened in December 1930, and agricultural research activities began in November 1932 with the selection of varieties of sorghum, groundnuts and cotton, with greater emphasis given to the latter. The empire cotton growing corporation, at the request of the Ministry of Agriculture, began some research at Ukiriguru in 1939. When the Tanzanian Research services were reorganized into four zones in 1956, Ukiriguru became the centre for the Western Zone which consisted of Mwanza, Singida, Shinyanga Tabora, Mara, Kagera and Kigoma Regions. A formal programme for training of Junior agricultural staff was established in 1939; but the research and training wing were in 1974 split into separate units under a director and a principal respectively.

Since March 1982, the Research unit had been under the administration of Tanzania Agricultural Research Organisation (TARO) until when it became defunct in 1989. After that, Ukiriguru Research Institute now directly under the Ministry of Agriculture became the center for the Lake Zone, one of the seven established Zonal Agricultural Research Centres. Lake zone consists of Mwanza, Mara, Shinyanga and Kagera Regions.

Cotton Research at Ukiriguru has been assisted by ODA ( Overseas Development Agency -U.K.) since 1976 The Institute has also recently received support for cassava and soil research from IFAD and IDA.

Region: Mwanza
District: Misungwi
Postal Address: P.O. Box 1433, Mwanza
Telephone: (255-028) 40596/7
Telegraphic Address: SCIENTIFIC, Mwanza
Latitude: 02º42'S
Longitude: 33º01'E
Altitude: 1198 m
Nearest Railway Station: Fella (11 km)
Nearest Bus Stop At gate
Nearest Bus Station: Mwanza (29 km)
Lake Steamer Ports: Mwanza North Port (30 km)
Mwanza South Port (26 km)
Nearest Airport: Mwanza (43 km)
The Institute is 27 km South of Mwanza, 0.5 km off the road to Shinyanga.

Maruku Research Centre

In 1947 the Tanzanian Government acquired the 400 hectares of land in Bukoba district, which constitute the present Maruku Research centre and Training Institute. In the early 1950's it became a coffee Research substation to Lyamungu Research Institute, with responsibility for Research into methods of cultivation of coffee and bananas on the poor grassland areas of Bukoba District. In 1970 Maruku was established as a Research and Training Institute in its own right, but the two wings separated in 1979. In March 1982 TARO took over the administration of the Research section, which again became a substation of Lyamungu. From 1989, after the break-up of TARO, Maruku became a part of and under the Lake Zone agricultural Research and Training Directorate (Ukiriguru), till now. Maruku is the centre for banana research in Tanzania, for which it receives assistance from the EEC.

Region: Kagera
District: Bukoba
Postal Address: P.O. Box 127, Bukoba




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